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Blog: The Nordic advantage for high performance compute


As the demand for data processing and storage continues to soar, businesses are seeking optimal data center locations that offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The Nordic region, comprising Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark, has emerged as a compelling choice for data center investments due to its unique combination of low power costs and cool climate. We will explore why the Nordic region makes the perfect choice for organizations with high computing needs and how businesses can leverage these advantages for efficient and eco-friendly operations. 

Abundant Renewable Energy and Low Power Costs 

The Nordic countries are renowned for their commitment to sustainable practices and abundant renewable energy sources. In fact, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are all among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of renewable energy production per capita. Thanks to an abundance of hydroelectric, wind and geothermal resources, the region offers businesses a golden opportunity to benefit from low power costs. By choosing a Nordic data center, companies can significantly reduce their electricity expenses, resulting in considerable savings compared to traditional data center locations, in many cases 80% lower TCO than a similar setup in a central European location. 

Harnessing the Cool Climate for Energy Efficiency 

The cool climate of the Nordic countries provides a natural advantage for data centers. During the summer months of June through August, the average temperature only reaches 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, while winter months from December through February average -4 degrees Celcius. Instead of relying heavily on power-hungry cooling systems, Nordic data centers can employ innovative free cooling techniques. These techniques leverage the ambient low temperatures to keep the servers and infrastructure cool, while reducing energy consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint. The synergy of low power costs and energy-efficient cooling solutions makes Nordic data centers a winning choice for eco-conscious organizations. 

Verne leverages the cool Nordic climate and unique geography in several ways. Our Helsinki data center utilises combined energy and cooling cells (CECC), takes advantage of the cool Finnish climate. Meanwhile, the Pori data center takes advantage of the cool climate in another unique way. The facility was built at the site of a former underground tunnel facility quarried by the Finnish Defense forces in the 1960s, which was turned into a modern data center that uses the cool bedrock underground environment and uses 100% green energy. In Iceland, the campus has year-round free cooling, thanks to the cool climate.  

Cost Effectiveness without Compromising Performance 

In the world of heightened computing, performance is paramount. The Nordic region’s low power costs and energy-efficient cooling do not come at the expense of data center performance. On the contrary, businesses can enjoy cost-effectiveness without compromising the speed, reliability and scalability required for handling extensive computing needs. This balance is crucial for organizations aiming to optimize their operations while staying ahead of their competition. 

Sustainability and Green Initiatives 

In today’s environmentally conscious world, sustainability is a core value for many businesses. By selecting a Nordic data center, organizations can take a major step toward reducing their carbon footprint. By capitalizing on the region’s renewable energy sources and leveraging the naturally cool climate, businesses can proudly showcase their commitment to a greener future and corporate social responsibility.  

By choosing Verne as their data center partner, businesses can pave the way toward a greener, more cost-effective and efficient future for high-performance computing. Want to learn more about how to save more than 80% in TCO while reducing your carbon footprint? Contact us to learn more.