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Sustainability and efficiency have been at the heart of Verne’s mission since we first opened our doors in 2012. Our first campus in Iceland forged the way for customers to optimise the location and infrastructure of their workflows and applications. Today, we deliver sustainable data center solutions, helping organisations cost-effectively scale their digital infrastructure while reducing their environmental impact. So, if you’re as serious about your carbon footprint as you are about your high-intensity compute, we’re ready to power your journey to sustainability.


Our journey so far…

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Verne incorporated

Verne launched with the mission to develop data centers in optimal geographic locations with low total cost of ownership and 100% renewable power. We quickly realized Iceland ticked all the boxes with its highly reliable and high-capacity power infrastructure.


First campus in Iceland opens

The opening of the Keflavik campus marked the data center industry’s first data center campus power by 100% renewable energy.


Greenpeace recognition

Greenpeace recognized Verne operation in Finland as a leader in “How clean is your cloud” in a data center environmental assessment.


Opening in Helsinki

Doors opened to a third location in Finland, with an environmental research institute assessing the green bond against their then current criteria, awarding the company the best possible classification. The rating was given to projects that are aligned with a climate resilient future.


Solar power in Finland

Launch of a solar power plant on Verne’s campus in Pori. Electricity produced by the 2,600 m2 solar panel array is used for cooling. With the campus already 100% renewably powered, solar power brings diversity and self-sufficiency to renewable energy usage.


Heat Reuse in Finland

A waste heat recovery initiative was launch at Helsinki site to distribute surplus heat to the district heating systems and supply heat for local housing.


Received Climate Neutral label

Received a Climate Neutral label in Finland by an independent third party (now known as Funding Climate Action label). Certified Verne’s Finland operations complied with the international PAS 2060 standard, considering both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of construction.


Sustainability Metrics

Verne launches market-leading sustainability metrics and targets to help customers make informed decisions about their data center infrastructure and where their data should be processed and stored.


Sustainability initiatives

Verne announces participation in industry sustainability initiatives – Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, Sustainable Trading and Climate Accord


Hydrogen Trials

Verne announces partnership to trial and deploy hydrogen fuel cells in conjunction with Landsvirkjun to produce reliable and sustainable back-up power for its Icelandic data center campus.


What’s to come?

Looking ahead Verne will be building out its science-based targets for its sustainable data center campuses and will report for all three countries in upcoming sustainability and net zero reports. Stay tuned for more information.

Up next

In Numbers

Leading the way across Northern Europe

In a world where the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, the need for transparency in environmental reporting has never been more critical. We believe that transparency involves openly sharing information about your data center’s carbon footprint and carbon emissions, providing stakeholders with a clear view of environmental impact.