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Leaders in High Performance Computing

Combining Iceland’s natural attributes with innovative design, Verne Global provides intensive and high performance computing users with optimised solutions and significant long-term cost savings.


DeepL Anchors Neural Machine Translator at Verne Global's HPC-Optimised Data Center

Leverages Verne Global’s access to Iceland’s abundant, renewable power for its 5.1 petaFLOPS supercomputer


icon Reliable power

Best in class energy security

Energy security is a key issue for intensive and high performance computing users. Our campus benefits from Iceland’s exceptional power-availability, robust network and 100% renewable energy. And, thanks to its northerly latitude, Iceland means an optimised cooling solution.

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icon Iceland

The perfect location

Uniquely positioned mid-way between the world’s two largest data markets, Iceland is not only the ideal location for a data center, but it’s also the lowest risk. At Verne Global we combine Iceland’s natural attributes of plentiful power and a cool climate to offer customers world-class data center solutions.

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icon Innovation

Excellence through design

No two businesses face the same challenges. So we design our services to meet the needs of diverse organisations and the industries they operate in. We provide our clients with an optimised, reliable and state-of-the-art technical environment from which to prosper.

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Iceland - The lowest risk location for data centers

Iceland was voted the world’s safest location for a data center, obtaining 1st place (lowest risk) out of 37 nations in the 2016-17 Data Center Risk Index, published by Cushman & Wakefield. This report takes into account ten variables including energy cost, connectivity, ease of doing business, level of corporate tax and political stability.

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Excellence across multiple industries


Manufacturing life cycles are more reliant on data than ever before. Our purpose-built, scalable solutions and continuous power availability are designed with manufacturing in mind.

Finance and Capital Markets

Nothing stands still in the world of the financial markets. To support this fast paced environment, we have developed bespoke industry-ready solutions that are designed to scale, fast.


High-tech companies are driven by accelerated innovation cycles, margin pressure and increasing competition. We have designed tailored services to support these exacting demands.

Education, Research and Science

The sector that created the internet and paved the way for many of the technological developments we all depend on is still pushing the boundaries. Verne Global has developed solutions and services with the needs of this sector in mind.

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Improving Disease Diagnosis with Machine Learning

In his latest blog, our Director of Research, Spencer Lamb analyses how through the ever-increasing availability of medical data – including X-rays and MRI scans, blood tests, biopsy results, and epidemiological data – machine learning is taking on a new role in the doctor’s arsenal, helping to diagnose diseases and disorders with greater reliability and accuracy...

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Our Solutions

Flexible, secure & highly optimised data

Verne Global’s powerADVANCE, powerDIRECT and powerDIRECT+ solutions offer flexible, scalable, and highly optimised data center solutions, and a lower total cost of operations. You also get 100% geothermal and hydro-electric renewable energy and the highest levels of power security.

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TNS Financial Solutions Now Available In Verne Global’s Icelandic Data Center



Verne Global 360 Video - powerADVANCE



Iceland is establishing itself as a major financial services hosting centre




Earlham Institute embraces green-HPC for collaborative genome analysis at Verne Global

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