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Since 2012 Verne Global’s mission has been to provide industrial scale HPC to organisations across advanced industries. Our TrueHPC approach is focused on ensuring optimal accessibility, flexibility and efficiency in order to deliver genuine HPC processing power and speed. See how Verne Global can help you...

HPC Cloud

Our hpcDIRECT platform provides latest CPU and GPU technologies with the full flexibility of the cloud, ensuring maximum application performance. Supported by HPC experts across the entire deployment life cycle, we deliver hpcDIRECT with savings of up to 50% versus hyperscale cloud.

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HPC Colocation

Our powerADVANCE solution meets the needs of customers requiring highest specification hosting while uniquely on the same campus, powerDIRECT is engineered for industrial scale, ultra-high density deployments. Savings of up to 80% are achievable verses continental Europe, the UK and USA.

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Specialists Across Multiple Industries

Latest Insights and Opinion

Case Study | AI

Case Study - DeepL

DeepL needed a data center optimised for HPC and determined that their needs could not be met in Germany. Verne Global’s Icelandic campus provides them with the scalability, flexibility and technical resources they need.

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Hyperscale cloud not meeting your HPC expectations?

Our Free Trial platform enables you to test your applications on our dedicated bare metal HPC Cloud solution - hpcDIRECT (using either Arm or Intel hardware, and NVIDIA GPUs).

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