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Powering your journey to sustainability

We bring state-of-the-art data center and private cloud services to the world’s most innovative industries. Previously operated under the brand Ficolo, our hyperscale and co-location services are 100% powered by sustainable energy sources, so they don’t cost the Earth. And it’s all powered by extraordinary people who put you first.

Capabilities, features & Services


Scalable services

Our services in Finland provide you the level of flexibility needed to fulfil today’s requirements for reliability, speed, power and versatility. Scalable, secure and sustainable colocation services from multiple campuses in Finland.
Whether you need racks or solutions for HPC, wholesale or hyperscale level, we can offer you the best fit. Our colocation services meet the highest power density requirements.

Sustainable colocation

We deliver services that don’t cost the Earth. With all services powered with 100% renewable energy, our Finland campuses include own solar power plant in Pori and heat reuse in place in Helsinki. We power your journey to sustainability.


For connectivity, you can explore our extensive range of secure, carrier-neutral solutions. Seamlessly connect to and from data centers and global networking hubs with our diverse array of options. Through Megaport connectivity, gain unparalleled access to top-tier cloud providers, empowering your business with limitless possibilities.

Security services

Utilise the best security tools available, for example robust firewall and DDoS protection, to safeguard your connections, business, and reputation with utmost confidence. We offer you ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS compliant services.

Customer support

24 x 7 x 365 customer support in each of our campuses. Our commitment is to satisfy very customer, no matter the issue or request. We are known for our highly professional and agile customer service.

Cloud Platform

Private Cloud

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge cloud platform. Private cloud gives you full control and unlimited potential. A dedicated cloud platform offers security and performance advantages along with significant cost savings. Our private cloud seamlessly scales alongside your growing business, ensuring future-proof operations.

Security services

Reliability is guaranteed with dedicated cloud platform delivered from our secure data centers, certified for everything from business continuity, payment card industry to military use. To further safeguard your business, we offer the right tools to protect your connections, business, and reputation, for example firewall and DDoS solutions.

Cloud Management Platform

Simplify cloud management with our Cloud Management Platform, designed for effortless orchestration of public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Unleash agility, control, and efficiency—all in one comprehensive platform.


Take a walk through each site to see how we harness the landscape to maximise your potential


Helsinki data center

The Helsinki campus is AI-focused, hyperscale-level Nordic data center. 100% green energy and heat reuse – powering your journey to sustainability.


Pori data center

Our Pori campus is built inside Finnish bedrock. The former military underground tunnel network was transformed into a modern data center. The facility provides excellent prerequisites for security and scalability.


AI focused opearations

At Verne we are at the forefront of meeting the requirements that AI models place on data centers. Our data centers are designed to host, support and scale even the most demanding workloads. We have the capability to provide dense, cost effective and sustainable solutions to the AI and machine learning industry.


Industries that thrive in our Finnish campuses

Scalable, secure and sustainable services to meet the demands of any industry. Our data centers will match your ambitions, however bold.

IT Services

Join us to revolutionise the IT industry and unleash your own potential. Secure, highly-connected and sustainable data centers power your journey to success.


Harness the power of renewable energy with our bespoke services to deliver unreal results for advanced engineering workloads.


Our campuses are designed from the ground up to host high intensity compute. Direct liquid cooling operational in Pori campus. With services that are optimised and backed by the planet, you can afford to think big.

Financial Services

We offer the optimum place to house your most valuable assets, PCI-DSS sertified data centers.