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About Verne

Ready to power you forward

We’re reinventing how the world uses data centers. Think flexible, optimised colocation services tailored for your requirements – all with the very best customer support you can imagine. And because our data centers are powered by sustainable energy, it doesn’t cost the Earth either. It’s the perfect environment where everyone thrives – you and the planet.

Our journey so far…

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Verne incorporated

Verne launched with the mission to develop data centers in optimal geographic locations with low total cost of ownership and 100% renewable power. We quickly realised Iceland ticked all the boxes with its highly reliable and high-capacity power infrastructure.


First data center campus in Iceland opens

The opening of the Keflavik campus marked the data center industry’s first data center campus powered by 100% renewable energy.


BMW customer announcement

The company’s first major customer announcement. BMW Group reduced annual carbon emissions by 3,570 metric tonnes and the cost of powering its HPC applications by up to 82 percent for the next generation of their energy efficient vehicles.


DeepL supercomputer arrives in Iceland

DeepL comes to Verne’s data center campus in Iceland to reduce power costs by 75% and power usage by more than 40% for its AI-driven, neural network language translation service.


Opening in Helsinki

Doors opened to a third location in Finland, with an environmental research institute assessing the green bond against their then current criteria, awarding the company the best possible classification. The rating was given to projects that are aligned with a climate resilient future.


Wirth Research comes to Verne

Wirth Research relocated its supercomputer to Verne’s campus in Iceland. The move enabled Wirth Research to offer its computational fluid dynamics simulation and analysis with zero carbon footprint, reduce costs and move into an eco-friendly headquarters.


What’s to come?

Looking ahead Verne will be building out its science-based targets for its sustainable data center campuses and will report for all three countries in upcoming sustainability and net zero reports. Stay tuned for more information.

The Verne Standard

The Verne Standard is a set of rigorous principles that guarantee we deliver what our customers need, when they need it


We go further to get the job done. We’re flexible and adaptable. Turning obstacles into opportunities. Problems into progress. And where others see challenges ahead, we dig deep and make things happen.


Creativity powers our competitive edge. Our ground-breaking technology is backed by our equally cutting-edge thinking. We’re brave enough to speak up, ask questions and disrupt the status quo. Innovation is in our DNA.


We care for our people, planet and partnerships. Respect means holding ourselves to high standards, and having each other’s backs. Acting with integrity, and keeping every promise we make. We’re committed to quality, to sustainability, and to every customer’s success.


We always strive for exceptional quality. Being world-class means being fanatical about quality. And we’re always bettering our best. From our infrastructure to our processes, to the way we communicate, we’re always aiming higher


Who owns us

Who owns us


USD $156 billion of assets under management or advice. USD $28 billion of infrastructure assets under management. Focus on Energy Transition and Utilities, Transportation and Digital Infrastructure. Over 1,000 employees in 19 offices around the world. Over 1,500 institutional investors. Strong focus on sustainable investments. Ardian is independent and privately-owned, mostly by management and employees.