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Supernatural power starts here

Powering the world’s most innovative industries is a mighty task. But high performance data center solutions shouldn’t cost the earth. Here in Iceland we power high intensity compute like nowhere else on Earth. Because when you're backed by the planet, your potential is limitless.

Capabilities, features & services

Cutting edge facilities.

Industry leading insight.

High density colocation

Our campus meets even the most challenging demands of HPC and high intensity compute. Our specialised solutions include high-density customised cabinets along with liquid cooling technology. Trust us to deliver the infrastructure needed to power your most ambitious computing projects with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Scalable services

Our colocation services aren’t just optimised for high intensity and high performance compute applications, they are scalable, secure and sustainable as well. Our data center operations will always match your ambitions, however bold. With a campus capacity of over 140MW, we can help you with one rack to several megawatts, with the ability to scale as you need it.

Sustainable colocation

By harnessing the power of hydroelectric and geothermal energy, we bring you capability that takes zero toll on the planet, but makes huge impact in your business. 100% powered on green energy coupled with year round free cooling, we are powering your journey to sustainability.


Our Icelandic campus is the telecommunications exchange hub with direct high-capacity connectivity to the United States and Europe.

Customer support

Round the clock customer support dedicated to your success. Each interaction with our customer support team is treated with the utmost importance, building confidence with every encounter. Whether you require assistance with a minor enquiry or a complex issue, our customer support team will serve you with unwavering dedication.


The former NATO base provides layered physical and digital security, compliant with ISO 27001, ISO14001, ISO 9001 and PCI DSS.


Our flagship campus, fully powered by renewable energy


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Powering your journey to sustainability


Verne Global & Intel partner on sustainable high performance computing


Verne Global – NVIDIA DGX-Ready


Powering sustainable AI

Generative AI is taking center stage. And we’re ready for it.


Industries that thrive in Iceland

Scalable, secure and sustainable services to meet the demands of any industry. Our data centers will match your ambitions, however bold.


Built to house the most extreme algorithmic workloads, our Nordic campuses are the go to destination for some of the world’s most revolutionary AI projects.


Engineering is more reliant on data processing capability than ever before. From finite element analysis to crash test simulation and fluid dynamics modelling, high intensity compute is reimagining advanced engineering. Let us help you unleash your power for unbelievable results.


Scientific research pushes boundaries every day and demands unbelievable results. Your data center infrastructure supporting these workloads should do the same.

High intensity compute

We provide high intensity compute for some of the most innovative and visionary companies around the world, powered only by 100% renewable energy.