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Our Industries

We power some of the world’s most innovative and demanding industries. Our data center campus is optimally engineered for high intensity compute. No other place on Earth offers the same sustainable infrastructure for unlimited business potential.


AI, machine learning and deep neural networks are placing intensive demands on CPU and GPU technologies. We accelerate your AI workloads so you can innovate, effortlessly.

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HPC and AI technologies are having a big impact on computer-aided engineering. Harness the superpowers of hydroelectric and geothermal energy to deliver unreal results for advanced engineering workloads.

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Financial Services

High-density AI and machine learning workloads are changing the game for financial services. Let us power your competitive advantage without costing the Earth.

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IT Services

Today’s workloads are hybrid, distributed, digital, and global. Cloud service providers, systems integrators, and managed services providers can unleash their potential with Verne Global. Our secure, highly-connected, vendor neutral data center campus is built for high intensity workloads.

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Scientific modelling and data analysis is powered by high intensity compute. Scale your research with supernatural capability and zero impact on the planet.

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Key Stats

80% power savings
100% customer satisfaction rating
100% renewable energy

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