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Customer Success

Putting you first. Every time.

Our customers are at the very heart of what we do. However ambitious your growth plans or demanding your service level requirements, our on-site team will work around the clock to ensure your high intensity compute needs are met, effortlessly, every single time.

Customer success is in our DNA

From the day our doors opened, every Verne Global employee has shared a common goal – doing the best we can and making our customers the ultimate priority. Giving you an unbelievable customer experience is paramount to how we operate as an organisation, as a business, and as a data center provider. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed.

Cultivating customer confidence

We see every interaction with a customer as an opportunity to build trust. We know that listening to the customer is key to delivering their success. And what our customers tell us is that Verne Global is the yardstick by which customers measure the service of other data center teams. What better advertisement is there for great customer service?

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100% Customer Satisfaction
24/7/365 Support
100 Net Promoter Score


Got a question?
We’re one step ahead

All the FAQs and official information you need to know about Verne Global. If you don't see it here, just send us an email and we'll be happy to answer your question.

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  • How can I support my equipment in Iceland?

    All hardware vendors are supported in Iceland and most vendor support partners in Iceland are customers of Verne Global and therefore tend to have engineers on site.

  • Do I need to fly to Iceland to install my equipment?

    Customers can choose to come to Iceland to perform installations or leave it to their chosen technology partners, or use Verne Global’s 24x7x365 engineering team.

  • Is delivery possible at all times?

    Yes, Verne Global’s campus is manned 24x7x365 and deliveries are easily coordinated with the help of our team. Our assisted delivery service ensures that customers' equipment arrives on site, is checked, photographed and stored within a Verne Global-only cage until needed by the customer. Reports are sent to customers including photographs of equipment and documentation.

  • Are there meeting rooms?

    There are several meeting rooms and boardrooms on our campus and all are accessible by our customers.

  • Will my hardware warranty be supported in Iceland?

    Yes, all vendors have partners in Iceland to perform maintenance.

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