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Our Services

We’re reinventing how the world uses data centers. We deliver flexible, optimised services tailored for your requirements – all from one provider. With multiple sites across Northern Europe, we are powering the journey to sustainability for businesses of all sizes with an unmatched portfolio of critical digital infrastructure assets.


Our colocation services aren’t just optimised for high intensity and high performance compute applications, they are scalable, secure and sustainable as well. Our data center operations will always match your ambitions, however bold.


No matter how big or small your deployment, you can unleash your potential with the same unfathomable power and out of this world customer service. Our colocation services can begin with a single rack and will scale as your high intensity compute demands.

Data Halls

Designed to meet the needs of customers requiring the highest possible specification enterprise-ready data center environment, our data halls will satisfy your high intensity compute needs, effortlessly. No other place on earth offers the same sustainable infrastructure we do.

Ultra High Density PODs

Our custom-engineered PODs are the perfect solution for all your ultra high performance compute needs. Powered by predictably-priced renewable energy, your innovation will never cost the earth.


At Verne Global, we give customers the power to choose their connectivity for their data centers around the world. At our Iceland campus, Verne Global is Iceland’s telecommunications exchange hub, with direct, high-capacity connectivity to the United States and Europe. Our London facility offers 20+ diverse entry points and over 25 carriers on-site to ensure you have the power to adapt and the ability to stay flexible. In Finland, we are transforming the way people, enterprises and service providers interconnect. With Megaport connectivity, our customers have fast, on-demand connectivity to hundreds of global services.

Key Stats

Year round free cooling
Primary interconnect hub for Iceland
100% uptime guaranteed

Product Features

Making an impact from the ground up

Verne Global’s colocation services offer flexible, scalable, and highly optimised data center infrastructure.




Got a question?
We’re one step ahead

All the FAQs and official information you need to know about Verne Global. If you don't see it here, just send us an email and we'll be happy to answer your question.

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  • What is connectivity like in Iceland?

    Verne Global is the main telecommunications interconnect site for Iceland, hosting all domestic and international carriers present in the country. All of the current sub sea cable operators terminate their systems at Verne and the new Iris cable to Ireland will also be terminated at Verne. Utilisation of existing capacity is sub 5%.

  • What is the smallest amount of space a customer can buy?

    Verne Global colocation service starts at 1 rack. If less than 1 rack is required we can refer customers to our partners who provide colocation by single U increments.

  • What is the maximum density rack that Verne Global supplies?

    We can support racks of up to 50kW with air cooling. 100kW + is possible with liquid cooling.

  • Can I have a cage for my racks?

    Verne Global can provide caged areas for customers. Please speak to our sales team for more details.

  • How long do I need to sign a contract for?

    There is no minimum or maximum service term.

  • Can I have spares storage at Verne Global?

    We have a number of options from locked cages to dedicated customer storage rooms available.

See all FAQs The See all FAQs button links to the Insights page. Follow this link to find out more.