Verne Global Sets Strategic Roadmap to Manage Advanced Computing Requirements

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LONDON – 20 June 2017 - Verne Global, a provider of highly-optimised, secure, scalable and 100% renewably-powered data center solutions, today announced the addition of powerDIRECT+, a reduced-cost compute environment engineered specifically for the next generation of power intensive computing. With the addition of powerDIRECT+, Verne Global has expanded its compute environments to equip CIOs with streamlined and cost-effective data center options, breaking the decades-old model of one-size-fits-all data center design.

Verne Global’s compute environments now include powerADVANCE, powerDIRECT+ and powerDIRECT, which serve today’s diverse applications, including mission critical applications, grid computing, HPC and other power-intensive applications. These environments create the opportunity to leverage optimised infrastructures designed to meet the specific availability and resiliency requirements of each application.

Taken together, Verne Global’s expanded compute environments change the way financial service organisations, research institutions, technology, and manufacturing enterprises manage and secure applications. Today’s applications have a variety of resource requirements, and with Verne Global’s diverse solutions, all application requirements can be secured from within a single-campus environment, allowing organisations to dramatically reduce data center costs while consolidating their computing infrastructure.

“Technology innovation drives rapid growth in computing and application management,” said Tate Cantrell, CTO of Verne Global. “To keep up, a shift in thinking is required. With applications that require varying compute, power and resiliency needs, forward thinking companies are fine tuning their application deployment strategies so that the data center resources match the service levels demanded by the users of the business applications. We believe our approach targets the diverse requirements of organisations today and into the future.”

Since becoming operational, Verne Global has successfully provided data center solutions for enterprise IT leaders with a location that can deliver highly available, scalable, low-cost power options for data center applications. Verne Global’s customers span a wide range of industries and applications, unified with the desire to reduce the cost, and lower the environmental impact, of compute. Recently ranked by Cushman Wakefield as the least risky data center location on the planet, and with a power grid ranked as having one of the world’s highest quality of energy supply, Verne Global allows its customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their data applications in a location ideal for data centers for both wholesale and colocation services.

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