Síminn (Iceland Telecom) and Sensa partner with Verne Global

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LONDON and KEFLAVIK, Iceland, 16 January 2018 - Leading companies in data center facilities, telecommunications and IT Services, Verne Global, Iceland Telecom and Sensa are joining forces to bring the best networking and hosting facilities in Iceland to the global market in a new partnership. Iceland Telecom intends to integrate four of its six hosting halls into Verne Global's data center campus, which already operates the biggest data center in Iceland. The combined assets provide the ideal foundation for Sensa to expand and provide enhanced hosting and professional services in the rapidly changing data center space.

The CEO of Síminn (Iceland Telecom), Orri Hauksson, says that it is becoming more and more pressing for organisations around the world to process and leverage data assets. "We are preparing for the future and by collaborating with Verne Global, we are strengthening our business relationships and as result the group as a whole," he said.

"Now we will have an operational base in the highest quality and most scalable data center in Iceland and in turn we will ensure clients in the facility get access to the most robust telecommunications system in Iceland and redundant high-speed connections into and out of the country. The collaboration basically means that now we are expanding the options we have for our customers, we possess the latest technology and we are prepared for the ever-changing hosting and data processing market,” continued Hauksson.

“As companies look to best provision their power intensive applications, Verne Global is the go-to destination for high performance computing. We are delighted to be working with Iceland Telecom and Sensa to further strengthen and widen our offering,” commented Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global.

Valgerdur H. Skúladóttir, CEO of Sensa, says that this step will provide Sensa with the opportunity to enhance services for existing customers and to step into the global market of rapidly expanding compute-intensive applications.

"Sensa is steadily growing both its customer base and revenues, and our reputation as a world class IT services company will only grow further by collaborating with a strong global data center partner such as Verne Global. This partnership positions Sensa to expand and enhance current client relationships, and increases opportunities for new service delivery to the global market in 2018.”

Sensa, a subsidiary of Iceland Telecom, is a leading IT services company for corporate customers, providing hosting and operations services as well as communications and security solutions. Sensa works with Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Amazon Web Services and NetApp among other industry leaders.

Iceland Telecom is regarded as one of Iceland’s most reliable companies, affecting the daily lives of all its inhabitants for well over a century. Offerings include a wide portfolio of communication services, for both private and corporate clients, including mobile, landlines, Internet connections and digital television. Iceland Telecom also operates its own TV channel and streaming services, and has international network presence in both the United States and in Europe.

Verne Global operates the largest data center in Iceland and was established in 2007. As a leader within high performance computing (HPC) Verne Global specialises in providing highly optimised, secure, scalable and 100% renewably-powered data center solutions to HPC and intensive computing clients from across a variety of industries.

Contact: Witz Communications (for Verne Global), Richard M. Williams, Tel: 919-435-9110 Email: verneglobal@witzcommunications.com

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