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15 February 2017

Financial Market Insights - Building the future of Finance with AI and Machine Learning

Financial Markets Insights - essential thought leadership and insight from the Financial Services sector - are published by The Realization Group, a specialist consultancy working with clients from all sides of the finance and capital markets industry.

In this article, Mike O’Hara examines the infrastructure needs for financial markets firms as use cases for artificial intelligence and machine learning expand. The paper includes commentary from John Denheen of Tyler Capital, KPMG’s Robert Mirsky, Trade Informatics’ Aaron Schweiger, Sybenetix’s Taras Chaban, Jan Machacek of Cake Solutions, Michael Cooper of BT Global Banking and Financial Markets, Vincent Kilcoyne of SAS UK & Ireland and Verne Global’s Tate Cantrell and Stef Weegels. To read the full Financial Markets Insight click here.


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