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Verne Global Unveils Liquid Cooling at The Rock Data Center in Finland

With the surge in AI, machine learning and high-performance computing amplifying the need for robust data center cooling solutions, Kim Gunnelius, Managing Director of Verne Global Finland, shares how Verne Global is exploring the potential of liquid cooling technologies.

In the ever-changing dynamic landscape of high-intensity compute, Verne Global has always strived to stay one step ahead when it comes to innovation and progress. We evaluate the latest advancements in power, cooling, security and connectivity to make sure our customers can grow, scale and optimise their AI workloads as their data center needs evolve. With this we are pleased to announce the integration of liquid cooling technology on our data center campus, The Rock.  

The surge in AI, machine learning and high-performance computing is amplifying the need for robust data center cooling solutions. At a time when increasing energy efficiency is paramount for most data center operators, the average data center commits 40 percent of its energy consumption to cooling its infrastructure. The network demands of the AI models also require a significantly higher level of computational density, putting further strains on conventional air-cooling technologies. As a result, liquid cooling is quickly gaining traction in the market.   

Recognizing this pressing need for cooling innovation, we have collaborated closely with industry leaders Dell Technologies and Intel to introduce direct liquid cooling (DLC) to The Rock campus in Finland. The deployment features DLC on Dell DLC3000 rack solutions with up to 80kW+ cooling capacity and 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to maximise performance and cooling efficiency. Working with Dell and Intel enables reliable and efficient performance for the fastest growing AI workloads that businesses depend on today. Notably, it marks Dell’s inaugural this type of liquid cooling deployment in Finland. 

Verne Global is at the forefront of meeting the unique challenges and demands that AI models place on data centers. Our Nordic data center campuses are designed to sustainably host, support and scale the most demanding AI models in the world. As AI begins to reshape industries, we are committed to deploying technologies that are pivotal to the future of compute. Liquid cooling isn’t just an advancement; it’s an integral component of our vision to exceed the ever-evolving demands of the technology landscape.  

We are excited to extend an invitation to customers to explore the potential of liquid cooling technologies for their AI workloads. In addition to the deployment mentioned above, Verne Global Finland will also have DLC cold plate technology samples on hand for customer evaluation. Starting in January at our London data center, samples of direct and immersion liquid cooling will be available for customers to see and evaluate in person.  

For more information on evaluating liquid cooling for your compute needs, please contact [email protected]