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D9-backed Verne Global invests $50m to expand data center campus by 10MW

Icelandic data center solutions provider expands enterprise-class space to meet mounting high intensity compute demand

15th November 2021 – Verne Global, provider of sustainable data center solutions for high intensity computing, recently acquired by Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9), today announced that it is expanding its 40-acre data center campus by a further 10MW of constructed power capacity. The expansion is backed by D9, the investment trust that focuses on sustainable digital infrastructure assets, which will fund the $50m development of new enterprise-class data center space.

Ideally located with access to abundant, low-cost renewable energy and a highly reliable national electrical grid, the Icelandic data center company continues to attract a range of enterprise customers as demand for high intensity compute sees sustained growth across industries. As more companies look to decarbonise their digital infrastructure by powering intensive applications such as artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling and predictive analytics with cleaner, greener energy, Verne Global is expanding now to meet contracted demand. The data center company’s best-in-class onsite technical and operations team will continue to use its specialised expertise to work around the clock to support and optimise the high density environments and workloads it houses.

“We’re seeing sector after sector looking to move into high performance analytics environments and it’s exciting to scale our campus again alongside new and existing customers to meet that need,” said Dominic Ward, CEO at Verne Global.

“We’re seeing sector after sector looking to move into high performance analytics environments and it’s exciting to scale our campus again alongside new and existing customers to meet that need,” said Dominic Ward, CEO at Verne Global. “It’s great to also take this first step into the future as part of the D9 Infrastructure platform, and we are all eagerly looking forward to what comes next.”

“We are proud to support Verne Global and play a part in bringing its vision for the future into reality,” said Thor Johnsen, Head of Digital Infrastructure at Triple Point, D9’s investment manager. “Powered by Iceland’s abundant green power, Verne Global’s expanded data center will be even better placed to provide resilient digital infrastructure that offers a true reduction in carbon emissions for its customers alongside long-term economic and sustainable stability.”

As part of this expansion, Verne Global is partnering with Integra Mission Critical, the modular data center solutions provider, to optimise its delivery of sustainable high intensity compute at scale while fitting out the new data center space. Utilising Integra’s solution-driven engineering expertise to implement modular data center infrastructure will allow Verne Global to increase sustainability measures in line with its core mission, while promoting scalability and safety, and decreasing cost.

“Verne Global’s facility has been built from the ground up for highly specialist data center services that are sustainable, scalable and bespoke,” said John Kolar, Principal at Integra Mission Critical. “These mutual principles make our companies a natural fit and we’re so excited to be teaming up and putting our decades of experience in solution-driven engineering to good use to provide a quality turnkey infrastructure solution for the new space.”

About Verne Global

Verne Global delivers data center solutions for high intensity computing, engineered for optimal high performance compute and built upon 100% renewable energy. Our clean grid and stable climate cuts costs and energy usage, and our expert team provides on-site, around-the-clock support to maximise performance and flexibility for customer workloads.

Founded in 2012, our Icelandic data center campus powers some of the world’s most innovative and demanding industries, including financial services, earth sciences, life sciences, engineering, scientific research and AI.

About Integra Mission Critical

Integra Mission Critical delivers modular mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) solutions for the mission critical sector. With in-house manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, Integra Mission Critical has a global reach with a local focus. Our solutions-driven engineering enables us to meet each customer’s specific needs across the globe, whether that be specialised cooling for a specific climate, or sustainable solutions for backup power generation.

Integra Mission Critical leverages innovative designs and an integrated approach and combines them with our relentless passion to mitigate risk, compress the schedule, reduce costs, and close the gap between capex and revenue generation.

Founded in 2014, with a focus on cooling solutions, Integra Mission Critical has since expanded into electrical solutions (2017), ranging from electrical skids to modular electrical rooms, to complete modular data centers. Our North America headquarters are in Dallas, Texas with our European headquarters in London, England.