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Processing high volumes of complex and varied data requires high intensity compute resources tuned for scientific workloads. When your research is changing the world, your compute should not cost the Earth.



Unleash the Power of Possibility

Scientific research pushes boundaries every day and demands unbelievable results. Your data center infrastructure supporting these workloads should do the same. From life sciences to weather forecasting to protein modeling, scientific research requires vast data sets needing rapid analysis. While it is compute-intensive, it doesn’t have to be complex or costly. By harnessing the power of sustainable energy, we can help you scale up and up without damaging the planet.


Powering your journey to sustainability

Research organisations span the globe to collaborate on complex issues, research trials, experiments and innovations that impact society. Doesn’t it make sense to do the same for your data center infrastructure? Our Nordic campuses are the ideal location for high intensity workloads. While our London facility is perfectly located for latency and connectivity-sensitive functions and close to many of the research campuses in the UK. Using renewable energy, you can minimise your carbon footprint whilst still accessing cutting-edge supercomputing to drive your innovations.

Secure Locations

Located on a former NATO base, Verne's 40 acre Icelandic campus is 30 minutes from Reykjavik and conveniently located within 10 minutes drive from Keflavik International Airport. Our London facility is located in central London right in the heart of the City – ideally located for latency sensitive, highly connected applications. Our Finnish campuses offer sustainable, cost-efficient and lowest latency locations for digital platforms between Europe, USA and Asia.

Incredible Power

Verne has the ability to secure low-cost, long-term power contracts enabling TCO savings of up to 80% compared to major European data center markets for our customers.

Primary Interconnect Hubs

Verne is Iceland’s telecommunications exchange hub, with direct, high-capacity connectivity to the United States and Europe. At our London campus, we offer 20+ diverse entry points with over 25 carriers on-site. In Finland, we are transforming the way people, enterprises and service providers interconnect with Megaport connectivity.

The decision to locate our AI-drive protein engineering system – based on the NVIDIA DGX A100 system – in Verne's facility in Keflavik transpires from our commitment to sustainability and security. No other Tier-3 facility in this part of the world offers this level of operational resilience and runs on completely renewable energy sources.

Dr. Kamil Tamiola
CEO and founder of Peptone