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IT Services

Unlimited potential. It’s what inspires your business and defines success for your customers. As workloads scale across hybrid, distributed, digital and global models, so too should your data center infrastructure.

IT services

IT services

IT services

Powering Your Potential

Verne Global has built an ecosystem that gives you the space and flexibility to scale your infrastructure effortlessly. How? By designing an optimised environment that supports high density, high performance compute, and offers an unbelievable customer support experience.

We’ve designed our campuses with cloud computing services in mind, equipped with the latest technology and connected with world-class carriers across our campuses. Verne Global offers cloud and managed services providers the flexibility to scale operations in line with expansion strategies and offer bespoke solutions to your clients – providing an ideal platform on which to grow.

IT Services

Connecting the World

Whether your business requires internet connectivity for cloud-based applications or links to a private WAN, most organisations recognise the importance of a carrier neutral data center. We have over 500 international carriers connected to our campuses.


In Iceland we are the interconnect site for all submarine cable systems to and from Iceland. Redundant, high-capacity fibre connectivity is available to Europe and the United States.


In London, we offer multiple Tier I and Tier II carriers options with diverse entry points into the building. As a result, we are not reliant upon a single fibre provider – it is a diverse range of fibre connections, including significant back-up options.


Our Finnish campuses offer carrier-neutral and competitively priced telecommunications connections. We are the main connectivity hub in Finland with direct connectivity to Frankfurt and Stockholm.

Always a pleasure communicating with you guys. Datto appreciates you immensely.

Harris Nagle
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Datto