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Financial Services

Unparalleled security, scalability, reliability and cost savings. These are the superpowers that mean Verne Global is home to the grid computing, machine learning and AI operations of some of the world’s most innovative financial institutions.

Financial Services

Financial Services

The optimum place for your most valuable assets

Whether it’s for modelling commercial risks, protecting against cyber crime, or predicting movements in the financial markets, industrial scale data analytics is turbocharging innovation in the finance sector. Our cost-effective, ultra-secure, strategically-located data center campuses are engineered for high intensity compute, making us the very best place on the planet to locate and analyse your valuable data sets.


Supernatural power for financial services starts here

Whether you run high-density AI and machine learning workloads or low-latency, highly-connected applications, let Verne Global power your competitive advantage without costing the Earth.

Low risk, maximum value

We offer our financial service customers the safest place to house your most valuable assets. With 100% SLAs and an environment that’s optimised for high intensity compute, your operations are always our top priority. Plus, with long-term power contracts that come at a fraction of the cost of those offered anywhere else on earth, you’ll see sizeable cost benefits too.


Our flagship campus in Iceland is located on an ultra-secure campus on the site of a former NATO allied command base. Our London facility is a fully accredited hub for connectivity and content distribution to networks across the UK and worldwide. We are London’s most resilient and super-connected data center, offering financial services firms access to key global exchanges through our partners, and powerful and securely located hosting infrastructure.