Financial Services

Nothing stands still in the world of the financial markets. The industry is constantly evolving as high performance and grid computing is used in ever more innovative and valuable ways. To support this fast paced environment, we have developed secure HPC colocation solutions that are designed to scale fast and securely.


Solving your Financial Services Pain Points

Need high performance without the high cost? Our HPC optimised colocation offer savings of 80% verses other London and New York colocation providers.

Security paramount? Operating from a highly secure, former NATO base, we provide maximum security that can be fully tailored depending on your specific requirements.

Keeping ahead of the pack? Verne Global’s solutions help drive competitive advantage by providing infrastructure ideally suited for high density AI and machine learning workloads.

Our Financial Services Solutions

The speed of HPC-as-a-Service

Our sustainable HPC-as-a-Service platform delivers a fully scalable bare metal service providing our customers with the ability to utilise the full performance of HPC in a highly secure manner.

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The reliability of powerADVANCE

Our powerADVANCE halls provide the highest specification, enterprise-ready data center environments possible, with concurrent maintainability and a guarantee of 100% uptime.

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