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Artificial Intelligence

Built to house the most extreme algorithmic workloads, our campus is already the go to destination for some of the world’s most revolutionary AI projects.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

High-Density Compute at Industrial Scale

AI, machine learning and deep neural networks are placing intensive demands on GPU, CPU and IPU technologies. It takes an exceptional data center to support this high-density compute at scale. Our campus is designed from the ground up to do just that. With services that are optimized for high-density, high performance compute, and that are backed by the planet, you can afford to think big.

Artificial Intelligence

The Power Behind Your Boldest Ideas

The pace of innovation means that AI projects need space to grow, and at rapid speed. Whether you need a rack, a high-density pod or your own data hall, we can scale to match your ambition.

Our entire campus is AI workload-ready. Offering unparalleled rack density, expertise in supporting the world’s most powerful supercomputers, and access to one of the world’s most dependable and predictably-priced grids, with Verne Global there is no limit to your imagination.

“We needed a data center optimised for HPC and determined that our needs could not be met in our home country of Germany. Verne Global’s Icelandic campus provides us with the scalability, flexibility and technical resources we need.”

Dr Jaroslaw Kutylowski
CTO, DeepL

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