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Why Customer Success Can Differentiate Your Data Center Experience

How a data center provider interacts with their customers can make or break a customer relationship. Styrmir Hafliðason, Senior Manager of Customer Success and Security, explains how Verne Global's approach to customer success has become a defining characteristic for the company.

When choosing a colocation data center provider, there are some standard checklist items required for your due diligence process. Power, security and connectivity are a few of the table stake requirements every organisation needs to consider. One of the more variable items, but ultimately one of the most important, is customer support. How, when and why a data center provider interacts with their customers can make or break a customer relationship.

Customer success can be difficult to define. In most cases you know when it’s a good experience even if you can’t tangibly define why. It’s an even greater challenge trying to explain to a potential customer what to expect, even when you know the experience at your facility will be better than any of your competitors. 

From the day our doors opened, every Verne Global employee has shared a common goal – doing the best we can and making our customers the ultimate priority. Giving our customers an unbelievable customer experience is paramount to how we operate as an organisation, as a business, and as a data center provider. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers succeed. 

We routinely get feedback that our customer’s experience at our facility is the best they have encountered. They use us as a benchmark reference for how they expect their data center experience to be across their entire organisation. From the start, we jump in and start asking questions. We want to fully understand their needs and requirements. When they do ask something of us, we immediately put a technician on the request and communicate clearly along the way. It’s been part of Verne Global’s culture from day one and until our customers told us otherwise, we didn’t know how distinctive these interactions were for them. 

Perhaps some of this is reflected in our Icelandic culture. As a remote country, everyone is willing to jump in to help solve a problem. It is not uncommon for IT workers to have a wide range of knowledge on many aspects of technology. An individual cannot afford to be too niche in their expertise as they need to deal with a variety of problems on a daily basis. Thinking on your feet and figuring things out as you go is a common practice as we don’t always have the luxury of being too specialised. 

We see every interaction with a customer as an opportunity to build trust. We know that listening to the customer is key to delivering their success. As each new employee comes on board, the way we communicate and interact with customers is established straight away. The mindset of the organisation permeates to the new team members as they see how the rest of the team responds to customers and the urgency with which their concerns are addressed. 

The great news is that what we are doing works. We not only win business from new customers, but also have the privilege of seeing our existing customers grow their business with us. However ambitious their business plans or demanding their service level requirements may be, our on-site team will work around the clock to ensure their high intensity compute needs are effortlessly met every single time. We also know that you are only as good as your last interaction, so each and every request is important, regardless of its complexity or the time it takes to complete.

So while it may be hard to define, we firmly believe delivering customer success that is out of this world will make a difference every single time.