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Verne Global and Endor: Creating Opportunities

In the first of a series of guest partner blogs, Gudbrandur R. Sigurdsson, product and business development manager for Endor, shares how Endor's partnership with Verne Global is delivering data centre infrastructure solutions their customers need while maximising revenue opportunities.

The team at Endor has had a long working relationship with Verne Global for more than 10 years now. We started partnering with Verne Global when it first opened its doors in 2012 through a previous company the Endor management team was working with at the time. Seeing the growth and opportunity of the data center industry, we formed Endor in 2015 as a way to provide strategic consulting and services on everything IT related, from tailored cloud solutions to infrastructure investments. 

We believe in supporting data center customers by offering efficient, scalable and easy to use solutions tailored to meet an organisation’s needs. In the early days that meant focusing on issues like logistics, importation of hardware, VAT issues, customs clearing, etc. Over time that grew to include installing large clusters of high performance computing (HPC) servers, as well as providing maintenance and monitoring services on the hardware installed in the data center. 

Our relationship with Verne Global and its customers has enabled new business opportunities for Endor. For example, we began working with Atos, a European digital transformation company focusing on cyber security, cloud and high performance computing, through the mutual relationship of Verne Global’s early flagship customer, BMW. Success in Iceland led to Endor taking on more responsibilities on other shared projects across Europe. Rapid growth in these areas has now led to Endor subsidiaries in both Sweden and Germany

Perhaps more importantly, Verne Global and Endor have come together in a way to address a key customer pain point within the industry. If you look at the HPC ecosystem, there are specialisations at every level of the compute stack, requiring engagement with multiple service providers. However, the purchasing ecosystem is seeking simplification in this area – they want less steps for the same thing. 

At Endor, we make it simple. Instead of customers going to Verne Global for data center space and then coming to Endor for service and support throughout the lifecycle of the hardware, we are offering a turnkey solution for customers. Moving from the legacy purchasing environment, we now offer a branded bundle service – be it for dedicated capacity or cloud services or HPC – which combines the expertise in the racks themselves with the expertise of the data center. The simplicity of the solution addresses the customer need and puts Endor in the exact right spot at the right time to be able to offer those services for our customers.

By partnering with Verne Global, we are delivering data centre infrastructure solutions our customers need while maximising our revenue opportunities. We are also doing it in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm the planet. Thanks to Iceland’s clean grid and stable climate, we are able to cut costs and energy usage. It’s a winning proposition for everyone.