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The First 10 Years

Verne Global celebrates a decade of data center operations with a celebration of friends, colleagues and customers in Iceland

Last month Verne Global celebrated our tenth anniversary. Since we first opened our campus doors in 2012, sustainability and efficiency have been at the heart of our mission. We searched the planet for the optimal location for data centers and realised pretty quickly that Iceland ticked all the boxes. Our decision to locate our first campus in Iceland paved the way for our customers to optimise the location and infrastructure of their high-intensity workflows and applications. 

Today, we are expanding that mission to reinvent how the world uses data centers. We are powering the journey to sustainability for organisations that are as serious about their high intensity compute as they are their carbon footprint. Whether it’s our hyper-connected central London campus or an eye to the future across the Nordics, we deliver sustainable data center solutions that enable organisations to cost-effectively scale their digital infrastructure while reducing their environmental impact. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Verne Global invited its investors, key customers, employees and partners to Iceland to celebrate ten years of live operations at Verne Global. We invite you to have a scroll through the photos of the people and places that made this all possible.