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Alliance Partners

From the proven powerhouses to the up-and-coming contenders, the right technology partner can unlock your business potential. With Verne Global's sustainably-powered data center campuses and the best-in-class technology from our Alliance Partners, the possibilities are endless.

A Partner for Your Business

When your business requires leading edge technology for HPC, AI and machine learning workloads, you need a partner who not only understands those workloads, but can deliver the right solution. At Verne Global we partner with technology companies who deliver the solutions our customers want. Whether it’s integrated solutions as a service or helping you put the pieces in place to manage your own data center footprint, Verne Global and our Alliance partners have you covered.

Dell Technologies

All types of organisations – from financial services providers to manufacturers to research bodies – are turning to Verne Global and Dell Technologies to build and support sustainable, turnkey high intensity compute infrastructures that they simply couldn’t get from typical cloud service providers. Verne Global is just one of a handful of Dell Technologies Titanium Partners, making our data center campus the optimum location to build and locate your Dell Technologies-powered AI and HPC infrastructure.

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Intel delivers an unmatched portfolio of hardware and software to get the best possible outcomes from HPC and AI workloads. Intel architecture underpins some of the world’s most ambitious and transformative projects. Operating at astonishing scale, these extremely compute intensive programmes need an optimised, sustainable data center environment with power capacity to match. At Verne Global, we offer just that.

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Whether you are running your AI model on a single NVIDIA GPU or on an NVIDIA DGX A100 Supercomputer, our data center is just the place to locate it. Our campus is already home to some of the most exciting NVIDIA-powered research projects in the world, both large and small. And because our facility is NVIDIA DGX-Ready – so capable of supporting the unprecedented compute density and performance of NVIDIA DGX Systems – you can rest assured we can support any AI workload.

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