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hpcDIRECT - Powerful, Agile, Efficient

Whether deployed as stand-alone compute or used as an extension to existing in-house HPC infrastructure, hpcDIRECT offers an industry-leading, bare metal solution combining best-in-class design and our HPC optimised, low cost environment and location.

hpcDIRECT - Further Information

Verne Global’s new high performance computing service (hpcDIRECT) is a powerful, agile and efficient HPCaaS platform. Built to address today’s intense compute requirements, hpcDIRECT provides a fully scalable, bare metal service with the ability to rapidly and securely deliver the full performance of HPC servers.

hpcDIRECT is a low cost solution available with no upfront fees and can be provisioned to the required size and configuration as needed. The technical specification is highly optimised and provides an ideal platform for grid computing, computer-aided-engineering (CAE), bio-computational analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

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