Verne Global Expands Dedicated Cloud Connectivity with Símafélagið

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KEFLAVIK, Iceland – 13 April 2017 -- Verne Global, a global developer at the forefront of data center infrastructure design, today announced a technology partnership with Símafélagið, an Icelandic telecommunications provider specialising in data connectivity solutions for enterprise customers, to offer dedicated connectivity to the public cloud. From the Verne Global campus in Iceland, Símafélagið provides a private, secure service to interconnect physical infrastructure with cloud based applications and services to leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure.

In today’s data-driven economy, organisations rely on the cloud to accelerate application and service delivery. This has led to new requirements for higher power density, dynamic bandwidth and reliable, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. Verne Global provides users with dynamically configurable direct interconnects to major public cloud providers. Coupled with access to its low-cost, highly reliable power grid with abundant renewable power, Verne Global offers the right balance of connectivity and computing options for companies looking to scale essential enterprise applications delivered through the public cloud.

“An essential part of a successful cloud strategy is ensuring seamless, reliable and secure communication between the cloud and other parts of an organisation‘s infrastructure while at the same time retaining the flexibility and speed that the cloud offers,” according to Ingvar Bjarnason, CTO at Símafélagið. “Our CloudLink product is specifically designed with this in mind featuring flexible connectivity options, self service and streamlined deployment.”

"The enterprise cloud is a powerful tool for organisations. With access to the cloud, businesses can operate their workloads in locations where they can achieve the best return on investment without limiting options for rapid scale out," said Tate Cantrell, CTO, Verne Global. "Today’s announcement further accelerates the value that companies can gain from our connectivity and computing offerings. CloudLink is the latest example of how Verne Global establishes the best partnerships to put our customers and their connectivity requirements first."

Verne Global provides advanced connectivity solutions to over 170 countries through a network of more than 500 carriers and multiple interconnection on-campus points-of-presence. Leading businesses in industries like manufacturing, finance, technology, education, research and science sectors, meet global access and connectivity requirements through Verne Global

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