Monitoring as a Service in the HPC Cloud

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Back in December 2018, Darryl Weaver, Verne Global's Head of Cloud Engineering and Stig Telfer, CTO at StackHPC delivered a joint presentation at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin on Monitoring as a Service in the HPC Cloud.

When applications move to the cloud, the first move is to recreate the same platform on software defined infrastructure. This falls short of the true potential of cloud. OpenStack infrastructure can offer so much more - once cloud users become aware of the powerful APIs and services available to them.

In this presentation Darryl and Stig describe how to take HPC cloud migration to the next level. They demonstrate the integration of Monasca services for monitoring and logging for performance-focussed deployments, plus show how this unlocks best-of-breed performance telemetry for all users, and how this opens new opportunities for users and admins to understand and optimise their applications.

They also demonstrate some case studies using the instrumented platforms available on the Verne Global hpcDIRECT cloud.

You can watch the full presentation below:

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