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3 December 2017

Financial Market Insights - Do Good to Do Better - How a focus on ESG can improve financial performance as well as the climate

Posted by Adam Nethersole

Adam is Senior Director of Marketing at Verne Global and has worked within the areas of sustainability and renewable energy for the last 15 years. You can follow him at: @AdamNethersole

Financial Markets Insights - essential thought leadership and insight from the Financial Services sector - are published by The Realization Group, a specialist consultancy working with clients from all sides of the finance and capital markets industry.

Barbara Kingsolver’s novel ‘Flight Behaviour’ tells the story of monarch butterflies who cannot use their normal winter site in Mexico because of a warming climate. In the book an entimologist asks what is the use of saving a world that has no soul: “Continents without butterflies, to seas without coral reefs, he meant. What if all human effort amounted basically to saving a place for ourselves to park?” The financial industry has been looking for ways to help save the soul of the planet through sustainable investing, which considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in portfolio selection and management.

Socially responsible investment assets have been growing as academic studies have shown positive correlations between ESG and corporate financial performance, As a result, corporates are realising that incorporating sustainability into their business model can improve profitability and increasingly attract clients and capital.

In this Financial Markets Insights report, Dana Hanby of Health Equity Exchange and Allcot, Trevor Allen of BNP Paribas Securities Services, David Harris of the London Stock Exchange Group and FTSE Russell, Mike Sleightholme of SS&C Technologies, Wayne Sharpe of Carbon Trade eXchange and Adam Nethersole of Verne Global talk to The Realization Group’s Mike O’Hara and Shanny Basar about the growing impact of sustainability on business and society.

To read the full Financial Markets Insight Report, click here.


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