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14 February 2017

Customer Case Study - RVX

RVX is a creative visual effects and animation studio based in Reykjavik’s harbour district, fast becoming a creative hub for film, games and advertising production.

Due to the rise in the computer-processing and data-storage capacity required to support the complex rendering techniques, RVX found itself rapidly approaching the limits of its servers’ technical capacity – and it was running out of physical space to house them.

RVX decided to move the majority of its servers and data storage to Verne Global’s data center, but retain a presence at its existing office in Reykjavik harbour, connected through a 10GB link. This would enable the company to manage its day-to-day creative work on-site, while relocating its bulky and energy-intensive data storage and processing hardware to Verne Global.

Read the full Case Study here.


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