Tailored HPC on-demand

Bare metal HPC & AI Cloud that's 30% faster and costs 50% less than hyperscale alternatives.

A cloud dedicated to HPC & AI

Fed-up of nasty billing surprises? hpcDIRECT costs up to 50% less than hyperscale and with simple, flat-line pricing we enable you to focus on your workloads without the need for a PhD in cloud pricing.

Hyperscale cloud not meeting your expectations? Our TrueHPC methodology means a tailored HPC environment without virtualised servers that's 30% faster than public cloud.

Need experienced HPC support? Our team of HPC system experts provide hand-in-hand DevOps support ensuring efficient application enrolment and configuration.

What is hpcDIRECT on-demand?


  • Tailored, bare-metal HPC and AI Cloud on-demand
  • Latest specification CPUs and GPU technologies
  • Fast, low latency InfiniBand interconnects
  • TrueHPC solution - low latency compute and storage clustered together
  • Dedicated cloud portal for efficient cluster management
  • HPC expert, full life-cycle DevOps support
  • Hosted in a secure, HPC optimised campus in Iceland offering 99.999% uptime
  • hpcDIRECT credits – try before you buy.


  • TrueHPC solution - full processing power and speed
  • Efficient - up to 30% faster than hyperscale cloud
  • Low cost - up to 50% less than hyperscale cloud
  • Flat line pricing with simple, predictable monthly billing
  • Guaranteed high-capacity networks – no “noisy neighbour” issues
  • 1-2-1 real time support from an expert HPC technical team
  • Easy to migrate and set-up your applications
  • 100% sustainable - powered by renewable Icelandic energy.

Built by HPC experts

Unlike generic hyperscale compute, the hpcDIRECT on-demand platform has been designed and built by HPC experts for HPC specialists. Architectured by Verne Global and incorporating latest CPU and GPU technologies as well as Infiniband interconnectivity, hpcDIRECT provides an advanced, genuine TrueHPC experience.

CPU & GPU Options & Pricing

hpcDIRECT on-demand offers powerful Intel Cascade Lake and Skylake based CPU nodes with a focus on performance and speed. Our cmp.m04.x86 option is perfect for a wide range of HPC applications and AI workloads and is supported by Infiniband.

If you're looking for on-demand access to powerful GPUs, our gpu.m02.x86 and gpu.m03.x86 options provide NVIDIA Tesla T4s and V100s, helping you rapidly accelerate your intensive HPC, AI and graphics workloads.

We offer refreshingly simple, flat-line pricing for our CPU and GPU options which start at:

  • cmp.m04.x86 - $2.56 per node per hour
  • gpu.m02.x86 - $4.00 per node per hour
  • gpu.m03.x86 - $8.00 per node per hour.

Pricing for longer durations (beyond our 1 week minimum contract), regular usage and/or on a reserved basis can be quoted, in addition to alternative hardware options and configurations. Please contact us for assistance and we will be happy to provide you with a tailored quote.

OptionProcessorPhysical CPU CoresRAMPrimary StorageSecondary StorageEthernet InfinibandGPU
cmp.m04.x86Dual Intel Xeon Skylake Gold 613032 Cores @ 2.1GHz384GB1x120GB SSD2x960GB SSD2x10 GbpsYesNo
gpu.m02.x86Dual Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Gold 521832 Cores @ 2.3GHz
256GB2x240GB SSD
2x480GB SSD2x10 GbpsNo4xT4s
gpu.m03.x86Dual Intel Xeon Skylake Gold 613032 Cores @ 2.1GHz192GB1x240GB SSD1x1.6TB NVMe2x10 GbpsNo4xV100s

Storage on-demand

hpcDIRECT offers robust on-demand dynamic object storage, with or without compute, providing you with secure, durable and scalable storage options from just $0.0162/GB/month.

If you have any questions regarding storage with hpcDIRECT, or require a specific storage requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

On-demand enrolment

If you're interested in using hpcDIRECT on-demand for your project, please take two minutes to fill out the form below.

Within one business day (or sooner), you will receive a response from our hpcDIRECT team. Unlike hyperscale services, our goal is to get your specific requirements so that we can fully tailor the service that you will receive, and our HPC engineers will support you throughout the lifecycle of your deployment.

Our team is looking forward to assisting you.

Configuration Option & Quantity

Please select your preferred option. If you have an alternative requirement, please use the 'Additional Information' box below.

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