NVIDIA certified, DGX-Ready Hosting

Accelerate your AI workloads using Verne Global's industrial scale, DGX-Ready campus in Iceland.


Verne Global - DGX-Ready, Set, GO!

Verne Global is one of the first data centers globally to be certified by NVIDIA as part of their DGX-Ready Data Center Program.

In the race to develop and scale AI applications, organisations shouldn't be limited by data center capabilities, or the underlying energy and utility infrastructure needed to support advanced supercomputing platforms like the NVIDIA DGX systems.

From our industrial scale campus in Iceland - designed and engineered to cater specifically for high performance computing, and powered by one of the world's most reliable, scalable and lowest cost energy profiles - there is no better place to host your DGX systems.

Why Iceland?

Verne Global perfectly combine Iceland’s natural attributes with innovative design and engineering to offer customers world-class solutions for high performance computing and intensive forms of AI, machine learning and deep learning. Read more below...


Located close to the town of Keflavik, our Icelandic campus supports more than 60,000 m2 of ISO 27001 certified, technical space. All of this has been designed and engineered from the ground-up using our TrueHPC methodology to specifically cater for HPC architecture such as the NVIDIA DGX Systems. Based on a former NATO base, the campus also benefits from the very highest security protocols and excellent global connectivity.


For those organisations utilising HPC and high density AI deployments, Iceland’s exceptional power-availability, robust network, and 100% renewable energy make it the ideal choice. Abundant, scalable power, is delivered by one of the world’s most modern grids, and only used to within 10% of its capacity. Combined with long-term fixed pricing, Verne Global and Iceland are your perfect NVIDIA DGX System power partners.

TCO Savings

Make your compute budget go further by utilising the world's most economical data center location. Together, Iceland's low cost power profile, free cooling efficiencies and Verne Global's ultra efficient, highly optimised data center design can dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). NVIDIA DGX System users can achieve savings of over 70% when compared to data center hosting in the US, UK and continental Europe.


From Manhattan to Manchester, from Miami to Munich - access and connectivity are your priority. This is why Verne Global is based mid-way between the world’s two largest data markets, Europe and North America. From our carrier-neutral campus, NVIDIA DGX System customers have access to a truly exceptional choice of international carriers and access to all major cloud service providers.

Verne Global - THE only sustainable DGX-Ready environment for your HPC and AI workloads.

Sustainability as Standard

As the world's only developed nation that generates 100% of its power from renewable sources, sustainability comes as standard in Iceland.

Power your NVIDIA DGX Systems with Verne Global's dual-sourced geothermal and hydro-electric power sources, and cool them wit 100% ambient free-air cooling, thanks to Iceland’s northern latitude location.

Verne Global provides the grunt-work behind your NVIDIA DGX Systems without damaging your compute carbon footprint.

Verne Global has not only proven that its campus can meet the requirements essential to hosting DGX Systems, it also brings additional value to research bodies and other organisations utilising HPC applications to further their research.

Tony Paikeday Director, DGX Systems and Data Science Platform, NVIDIA

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