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25 May 2017

Inspiration through perspiration

Written by Tom Squirrell

Tom is Verne Global's Director of Customer Success, and is based at our London headquarters.

With Verne Global recently having been recognised within the UK’s “1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain” by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), it has caused me to stop and think.

Firstly, to see what other companies are on the list and then to rapidly check which household names aren’t. The accolade wasn’t something that we chased either. In previous companies I have worked for, an email would appear reminding you, if surveyed, to vote honestly - but with a lengthy list of all the good things the company does, just in case you had forgotten! Verne Global’s nomination came from people who don’t know us but looked at our performance and made up their own minds. To me, that is far greater praise.

Verne Global has just got on with its work and I’m delighted to say that it is being noted. The team are all focused on providing a first class service and experience to its ever-expanding portfolio of customers. So much so that in the last few months I have seen deployment schedules not only beat targets but incorporate 2nd and 3rd phases together, such is the confidence in what customers are seeing. The other day I received a complaint from a customer – he emailed from his data hall asking for help with some new connections. He opened the secure door to his area and our technician was ready and waiting. The complaint? You’re too fast, I’m not ready yet! As Director of Customer Success I am always happy to receive constructive feedback especially when even the complaints are good ones!

What always inspires me is those businesses and people who “do what they said they would do”. Those are the people you trust and want to work with. Verne Global has managed to attract and retain a strong core of people who believe in those values and I would argue it’s what makes us stand apart in our field.

If I could spend a moment to inspire the reader of this blog I would like to mention the following: If your company has a corporate social responsibility remit to look at ways of cutting your carbon footprint please find out about our 100% green data center. By relocating your equipment to us in Iceland, you would go a long way to achieving that goal and at the same time delight your finance team with the savings in power costs. Shareholder value and a global conscience all in one transaction is not easy to achieve - but it’s something that we’ve enabled our customers to do.

Anyway, rather than give you that list to remind you of all the good things Verne Global does, you can just heed the advice of the LSEG which says “These companies are our greatest prospect for building a resilient and productive economy that works for everyone”.

Thank you to LSEG for recognising Verne Global as a Company to Inspire Britain. To find out more visit our website or treat yourself to a visit to Iceland. Words really can’t do it justice - and to keep the trend going, be your own judge!


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