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5 December 2017

hpcDIRECT has inspired a new direction for Verne Global’s customer success philosophy

Written by Tom Squirrell

Tom is Verne Global's Director of Customer Success, and is based at our London headquarters. You can follow Tom on Twitter: @SecretSq360

I have been fortunate to have worked in the tech industry for many years and have been very much involved in the evolution from on-premise software to deployment in the cloud. In that time I’ve helped design the support models for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS all of which have a very common theme - the customer is not interested in the operation any more - they assume that this is all wrapped up as part of their service.

Now, this presents a dilemma! Whereas before the support industry talked about what great work we’ve done for you, how fast we responded, how we’ve tuned things to perfection, etc, etc these are now all taken for granted. Therefore, the baseline for great customer support has moved quite considerably.

Today heralds the launch of hpcDIRECT, Verne Global’s innovative high performance computing as a service (HPCaaS) solution which offers a dedicated bare metal platform for HPC and intensive computing users. It’s a product we’ve been developing over the last six months and one we’re thoroughly excited to see finally pushed live.

With hpcDIRECT we have seen the product grow from a business plan to beta customers in only a few short months. The speed of change has been both exciting and daunting in equal measure.

At Verne Global we have a very slick process for on-boarding our more traditional colocation customers and from a customer success perspective for hpcDIRECT we have had to work closely with that framework and at the same time embrace the concept of owning the platform and providing access to the service. It’s been a learning curve, but one I am pleased to say we’ve tackled across the board with a massive amount of enthusiasm.

As a team we have taken the opportunity to step up to a HPCaaS offering very seriously. For every customer who has trialed the beta product we have appointed a technical lead, created a dedicated communication channel direct to our specialist HPC engineers and arranged weekly calls to make sure any questions are answered and testing is kept on track.

As a result of this intensive, hand-in-hand process with our beta customers we know that they get the best technical experience of the product as well as the service experience that our existing customers already enjoy. On-boarding adds the complexities of the customer’s unique requirements for HPC which is where the technical support has proven invaluable with assistance in deployment and advice on customisations.

The first customer who finished their beta testing is already planning to go fully live with hpcDIRECT and we can’t wait to have them on-board having built up a fantastic rapport with their operations team. The support we have provided them across the testing phase has already shown them we have an excellent first-hand experience of their business needs, the demands they face and we can support them to get more from our high specification facilities.

With change and innovation all around us, it’s reassuring to remember that while hpcDIRECT is a new and exciting chapter for Verne Global, it’s one that sits in a well-loved book.

For more information about hpcDIRECT, click here.


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